Softwalks: Turning Scaffolding into Pop-up Parks with Resting Places

This start up has ALL the right ideas! Scaffolding is not only UGLY, it creates significant barriers for people with mobility challenges including older folks, people with disabilities and parents with strollers. I lived in NYC for 5 years and would avoid sidewalks lined with scaffolding whenever possible because it was so unpleasant and felt even scary and dangerous sometimes. Resting places like these are essential for those of us who can’t quite ‘make it all the way’ and health-promoting for all of us as they provide opportunities for social interaction. Way to go SOFTWALKS!


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2 responses to “Softwalks: Turning Scaffolding into Pop-up Parks with Resting Places

  1. so cool!! how much more likely would you be to go into those caverns (rather than brave the street) if people were gathered in there taking a break?

  2. Carolyn

    How exciting! How creative! How necessary! It’s amazing what you can do…I look forward to the newsletter. I’d love to hear comments from the people “discovering” their lives again.

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